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In this industry, you need to innovate to survive. With new technologies, competitors, and key accounts evolving every day, AlphaSense ensures you find critical market information faster and never miss an insight again.
Information is overwhelming—but it doesn’t have to be. AlphaSense spent over a decade refining their proprietary AI and NLP technology, so you can easily surface and track insights from millions of documents across earnings, broker research, company documents, expert calls, and more—instantly.

⸺ Instant Insights

Search any company, industry, trend, or topic across 10,000+ premium data sources in seconds.

⸺ Seamless Workflow

Securely collaborate with your entire organization through our Notebook and robust markup capabilities.

⸺ Avoid Blind Spots

Easily monitor and surface critical insights on everything you’re tracking—all in real time.

⸺ Time Savings

Let our AI technology do the work for you. Spend less time on manual work and more time on analysis.

Powering decisions for the world’s leading companies

It started with CTRL+F. CEO and Founder, Jack Kokko, felt the pain of manual research early on. He started his career as an investment banking analyst in Silicon Valley, spending hours CTRL+Fing thousands of PDFs one keyword at a time—just to find a single insight.

Years later at The Wharton School, Jack met his co-founder and CTO, Raj Neervannan, and they were both shocked to realize that the research process and tools available hadn’t changed after all this time.In 2011, Jack and Raj sought to solve this problem by launching AlphaSense, a new type of search engine that leverages machine learning and natural language processing technology to enable professionals to cut through the noise and easily extract insights from thousands of sources and billions of data points.

Trusted by thousands of the world’s top financial institutions and corporations.

Legacy research tools are littered with blind spots. Whether you’re launching a new product, providing intel to key executives, or making pipeline decisions, our proprietary AI technology ensures you make moves with confidence and ease.

There’s a reason we’re rated #1 in Financial Research. In an increasingly uncertain market, the last thing you need is FOMO. Be the first to strike on critical changes or market-impacting trends affecting private and public companies.

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