Investing AI is the super power.

Delphia is a smart investment app that uses AI and pooled data to predict the markets. Select a portfolio based on your risk appetite and investment goals, sit back, and let Delphia do the work. It’s investing on autopilot.

Delphia - Invest with Smart AI iPhone App

In markets, there are Prediction Players and there are Reaction Players.

Prediction Players (often Fundamental investors) study companies intimately and make predictions about their fundamentals in order to place bets on which companies will win or lose. They are limited in the quantity of information they can process and the number of bets they can take. The human brain only has so much capacity.

Reaction Players (known as Systematic investors) care less about seeing the future, and more about reacting to new information before anyone else has the chance. They make money by placing thousands of smaller bets which helps lower their risk across the entire portfolio.

Delphia is the best of both worlds. We take the technology of a reactive investor — terabytes of data, computational power, algorithms, and machine learning — and use it to make predictions across thousands of companies at once.

In Machine Learning, the target you choose decides your fate.

Wall Street’s no stranger to lots of data, computation, and AI, but like when humans discovered fire, they’ve found themselves getting burnt by things the machine could never have predicted, like a pandemic.

Delphia doesn’t use AI to predict a stock’s price – that’s a fool’s errand. Instead, we use it to predict fundamentals – things like sales or profit – not just today, but quarters ahead.

Armed with these predictions, our algorithm goes hunting for where the market is primed for surprise.

For illustrative purposes, here’s what the fundamentals might look like for Netflix. Keep in mind, we don’t just make our own predictions – we predict what everyone else is predicting as well.

You don’t pick the stocks. Our algorithm does.

The Delphia algorithm is the product of some fairly intense machine learning that relies on 15 billion data points to make predictions. It comes in 2 styles to meet the needs of different types of investors.

Delphia designs portfolios for edge-seeking investors who want to see something in action without betting the farm. Start with a small investment, commit to sharing your data, and let us show you what’s possible.

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