We create all-in-one financial solutions for companies, managing to simplify their processes, organize their finances, have comprehensive visibility and access financing. With our Kapital business platform, request business credit, and credit cards, pay bills in advance, view your cash flow, manage your business spending and centralize all the management of your business, all 100% digital.

The business card to grow your business

Defer all purchases you make with your Kapital Credit Card for up to 10 months from your cell phone . Say goodbye to high rates, don't use your personal credit and control your spending. We equip you to grow your business all in one place.

Finance the payment of your bills payable

We give SMEs the flexibility they need , with Crédito Flex you can defer payment to suppliers for up to 12 months.

We equip independents, Startups, and SMEs in Latin America with Kapital to grow.

We are the 100% Mexican digital financial solution, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

We know what it means to have a business, which is why we designed a platform that solves the entire financial process in one place.
‍ Saving time and money.


Promote the growth of SMEs, Freelancers and Startups, allowing them to control their treasury through digital financial services.


To be the number 1 digital financial institution in LATAM.

We simplify

Our All-in-One solution is designed to streamline your financial process. Saving time and money with digital tools and without having to leave home.

We manage

You will avoid subcontracting all your treasury and you will be able to control and manage everything from the same place, from your corporate expenses and payroll dispersion to the payment of services and suppliers.

We grow

We give you tailor-made financing, with our credit card and simple credit you will be able to access capital to invest in the growth of your business, without decapitalizing yourself.

An all-in-one business platform to manage your business finances.

Capital Business

Control your corporate spending, anticipate your bill payment, view your credit and collection, and access credit solutions all in one place.

Capital Flex

From your Kapital Business platform, you can defer and finance your company’s invoices and purchases with credit solutions in Kapital Plus.


Your intelligent dashboard visualizes the operations and cash flow of your business in real-time, making better decisions based on data.

Working Capital Credit

With Kapital Boost, access a simple credit tailored to your needs, powered by data to project the growth of your company.


We connect with any system, wherever and whenever to streamline your company’s processes. We adapt to you.

Business Card Solutions

Credit and prepayment solutions to meet the needs of your business.

Kapital Smart Bank

⸺ Capital Flex

Finance the payment to your suppliers and the purchases of your business from our platform with one click.

⸺ SME Credit

The new evolution of simple credit, powered by data to be able to project the necessary capital your company requires to grow.

⸺ Intelligent Automation

Financial insights of your Cashflow, Income, Expenses/Profits, Accounts receivable/payable give you visibility for better decision-making.

⸺ Credit Solutions

Take your company to the next level with a credit solution that will equip you without compromising your flow.

⸺ Build Credit

The ideal solution to build a credit history, use it at least twice a month, pay the minimum, be constant and grow your line of credit.

Carbon Neutral

The first credit card of its kind backed by Mastercard® designed to help reduce the amount of polluting plastic and carbon.