Lightmatter uses light to create photonic compute chips specialized for AI. Leading the (r)evolution of computing, reducing its impact on our planet, and enabling the next great leaps in human progress.

LightMatter's photonic AI computing platform enables the largest, most powerful neural networks in the world while reducing environmental impact.
The world's first photonic computing platform. Reducing the carbon footprint and operating cost of data centers while powering the most advanced neural networks.

Lightmatter uses light to create photonic compute chips specialized for AI.

Untethered from the limits of Moore’s Law and Dennard Scaling, they’ve rewritten the rules of processor performance scaling by combining electronics, photonics, and new algorithms to create a next-generation computing platform purpose-built for artificial intelligence.

Lightmatter is building the engines that will power discoveries, drive progress, and reduce our impact on the planet.

Developer of a light-powered chip designed to speed up artificial intelligence-driven computations by orders of magnitude. The company uses integrated optical technology to create efficient processors and accelerates critical operations in neural networks using an array of programmable photonic elements fabricated alongside transistors in conventional CMOS processes, enabling clients to get quality evaluations as well as low power consumption for software algorithms underlying image recognition and natural language processing.

LightMatter Photonic Products


A general-purpose machine learning accelerator that combines photonics and transistor-based systems.


A wafer-scale, programmable photonic interconnect that enables arrays of heterogeneous chips to communicate.


Standard deep learning frameworks and model exchange formats, providing the transformations and tools required.