Ending an era of traditional trade finance Increasing the speed of trade finance. Powered by AI Data Intelligence.

Ai tech-enabled, trade finance platform that provides reliable access to working capital for Latin American SMEs. It promotes paperless processes and dedicated support from industry experts to create a seamless financing solution.
Marco advantage comes from leveraging our tech to frictionlessly provide liquidity to our customers, efficiently and accurately understand risk, offer fast turnaround times, and deliver an unparalleled customer experience.

A consistent presence

At Marco, we are on a mission to improve economic conditions in developing economies by providing reliable financial solutions to SME exporters that are underserved by banks. Our vision is to unleash the big power of small businesses by simplifying, accelerating, and reimagining cross-border trade with cutting-edge technology.

With offices in Miami, New York, and Montevideo, we are building a powerhouse team with a global footprint. The core of Marco’s culture is our people, and together we are striving toward common business goals by creating an environment of inquiry, active innovation, individuality, and teamwork where everyone is celebrated.

We are passionate about building software that solves problems. Our Engineering team is building the technological products & infrastructure to abstract away the complexities of pricing risk and accessing liquidity for SMEs. As a leading trade finance platform company, Marco processes payments, runs marketplaces, detects fraud, and helps entrepreneurs access liquidity for their business from anywhere in the world.

Trade financing for the 21st century

Marco re-imagined how trade finance can operate leveraging technology. Empower businesses to grow, especially when traditional financing finds that growth too risky. Their technology platform enables them to see the potential and partner with you to get there. AI-powered risk solutions enables Marco to blow past traditional financing methods and actually get you money when you need it. Marco Finanance has a deep understanding of industry-by-industry needs, as well as the nuances of country-by-country infrastructure.

Simple. Quick. Easy. Flexible.

Get approved and financed faster than ever before. Marco exists to provide better, more accessible, and affordable capital solutions for your growing business.

Your Partner for Growth, not just a lender.

Partner with Marco to increase your sales, expand in new regions, and grow to the lofty potential of your business. We are here to close the gap to get there faster.

Trusted Industry Experts

Take the risks you need to scale your business. We understand your industry enough to take that risk with you. Marco has over a century of experience helping businesses grow.

Cutting-edge Technology

Digitized, automated, paperless workflow built for growth. Innovative solutions to increase speed, confidence and safety. Your security is our #1 priority. Secure as a bank, but simpler.

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