Read Andreessen Horowitz’s thesis for – Investing in Runway

The financial world has been quietly upended over the past decade. Banks are being disintermediated from their customers by fintech companies, new infrastructure technologies are lowering the barrier to entry for non-fintechs, and a wave of exciting early-stage companies are rising up to tackle complex and meaningful problems. Despite these promising changes, the way that founders, GMs, PMs and other leaders interact with their companies’ finances has been stubbornly stuck in the past: most data is siloed in the CFO’s office, and critical insights about cash flow, margin, and runway often aren’t visible to the individuals who could act on it. This is why we were so intrigued when we heard that Siqi Chen and Arya Asemanfar were working on Runway, a new product with the vision to give every leader in an organization access to valuable financial data and insights. Today we’re excited to share that we’re leading the $4.5 million seed round in Runway.

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