Syncware saves consumer product brands from manual work and extra cost processing orders. Just connect your order sources and we’ll automate everything—your orders, shipments, products, and inventory—so you can focus on growth.

Connect 300+ disparate apps into 1 operating system.Easily connect marketplaces, shopping carts, and other order sources to your 3PLs, warehouse systems, ERP, and anything else with full EDI support.

We enable ecommerce.

At Syncware, our mission is to save our customers time allowing them to get more done and grow faster. We eliminate manual order processing through automation so customers can put their multi-channel merchant operations on autopilot. We understand our customers’ problems because we were our customers — we came from a fast-growth consumer product brand ourselves and started as a Syncware customer.

Syncware was started in 2006 to solve the same problem on a smaller scale. Fast forward to 2022. As Co-CEO of Sok-it, Gregg Greenberg was a long-time customer using Syncware to scale his wholesale business. Having previously spent 10+ years in business software at SAP, he saw Syncware’s potential. Now, the team is growing and we’re here to help other businesses do what Syncware did for his — scale without the headache.

Why leading consumer brands choose Syncware

“Syncware saves our brands so much time when processing orders. This makes it possible for them to focus on what matters most to their business, like making new connections and growing their sales.

Will Ranish, Faire Marketplace

Without Syncware, we would have hired someone to manually input the orders, which would have cost us thousands of dollars.

Annie K. – Bourbon Barrel Foods

I need a daily dashboard to have more intelligent conversations with my sales reps. Syncware provides that, and automates my followup with independent accounts.

Daniel Eustice – Freaker USA

The backbone of your multi-channel business

We used to run a fast-growth consumer product brand so we know exactly what you need and why.

Robust automation

Trade manual processing for intelligent automation made to set, forget, and do the work for you.

Built for growth

Unmatched list of out-of-the-box integrations for where you are today and where you’re headed tomorrow.

Endless flexibility

Affordably customize the solution to your unique needs by adding and removing relevant channels.