Comprehensive Protection Against Ransomware, Cybercriminals, Wire Fraud, Data Breaches, Phishing

Seamlessly Secure Users and Data Upfort Shield delivers turnkey layers of cyber protection proven to significantly lower the likelihood of ransomware, breaches, and other cybersecurity incidents. Expansive Compatibility.
Robust cyber coverage from the world’s leading insurers. Powered by AI for a proven risk mitigation advantage. Insurers powered by Upfort deliver market-leading value and robust coverage with hassle-free underwriting

Control cyber risk — simply.

Upfort is accelerating the world’s journey to cyber resilience.

Cyber resilience should be accessible to all. Cyber attacks cause trillions in damages every year. Most organizations are under-protected and under-insured – we’re on a mission to change that.

Close the cyber protection gap

We’re removing the hassle, headache, and high costs of managing cyber risk with software, automation, and data. Our commitment is to provide effective and accessible solutions that deliver user delight.

Global team with diverse expertise & perspectives

We’re a customer-obsessed team of security, insurance, software, and data experts eager to accelerate the world’s journey to cyber resilience.

Trust. Effective relationships enable progress. We build trust amongst teammates, both internal and external, by being dependable, thoughtful, and consistent.

Diversity. We celebrate differing opinions when communicated through thoughtful debate. We learn rapidly as we seek alternative perspectives and new information.

Transparency. We embrace clear communication as it’s hard to make good decisions with missing information. We regularly host all-hands meetings and ensure we’re aligned.

Resilience. Our passion drives us to be tenacious and optimistic in both good times and bad. We don’t judge purely based on outcome and learn from every experience.

Upfort is transforming the economics of cyber risk management for organizations, their brokers, and insurers with AI-powered prevention and intelligent automation.

Unifying security & insurance data with AI drives better outcomes. Data limitations increase friction and uncertainty for all parties in cyber risk management. We increase trust and underwriting speed with our unified platform.

⸺ Protect Inboxes

Help users securely navigate inboxes with AI-copilots trained to catch advanced email threats

⸺ Monitor Exposure

Proactively identify exploitable systems and users. Take quick action with expert support

⸺ Protect Endpoints & Beyond

Guard devices, network, and cloud, with AI-powered threat detection and automated response

⸺ Protect Browsers

Secure web activity with a lightweight browser extension that offers real-time protection

⸺ Build Human Firewall

Reduce phishing susceptibility with automated security training and testing

⸺ Robust Coverage

Insurers powered by Upfort deliver market-leading value and robust coverage with hassle-free underwriting