Narrative I/O announced the next generation of our proprietary AI tool, and below are 3 reasons why this product is going to be a game changer:
EASY: Rosetta turns layman’s terms into complex data queries so even I can use it
TIME SAVING: Days of Engineering work can now be done in minutes as simple as typing a sentence into the Rosetta Chatbot
HAPPINESS: Engineering/Data Scientists will no longer have to deal with the business team requests that they are annoyed doing!

Narrative I/O and Snowflake collaborate to transform data-driven digital advertising thru The Trade Desk 

Building on the groundbreaking success of Rosetta, Narrative’s AI-powered Data Collaboration Assistant, the company today introduced an expansive ecosystem of AI assistants to shape the future of data collaboration. With Rosetta at the helm as the Chief Data Collaboration Officer, this dynamic team will drive unparalleled capabilities, ensuring swifter response times and a revolutionary collaborative experience.

“Rosetta was the initial step in evolving how businesses access and interpret data,” says Tim Mahlman, Narrative’s CEO. “The addition of her specialized team members pushes us leaps and bounds further. This initiative isn’t merely about faster data solutions; it’s about simulating a bustling corporate ecosystem where AI-powered tools collaborate seamlessly to solve complex challenges.”

Data Collaboration in Enterprises: It Takes More Than One

In the intricate world of enterprise data collaboration, the old adage rings true – it often “takes a village.” Collaboration complexities necessitate diverse expertise, mirroring the multifaceted teams that exist within large organizations. The Rosetta team replicates this dynamic, ensuring that different facets of data collaboration are managed by dedicated specialists. These AI entities mimic the multiple roles and responsibilities seen in corporate data teams, but with the added advantages of being available round-the-clock and being immune to human limitations.

This streamlined approach considerably boosts the speed and quality of data processing, offering users a nuanced and tailored experience. And for those multifaceted tasks, Rosetta’s team will collaborate, pooling their unique capabilities to produce comprehensive data outcomes.

24/7 Data Collaboration with Unwavering Precision

One of the crowning advantages of Rosetta and her team is their relentless dedication to service, being tirelessly available 24/7, 365 days a year. This continuous, unwavering efficiency ensures that businesses have constant access to crucial data insights. Beyond mere availability, the precision and reliability of their data processing are always maintained at the highest standards.

Importantly, this non-stop AI-driven support means that human teams can elevate their focus. Freed from the weeds of routine data tasks, they can channel their expertise into higher-value roles and strategic initiatives, thereby driving significant organizational growth and innovation. It’s not just about working harder, but smarter, allowing human creativity and strategic thinking to flourish while the AI handles the heavy lifting.

Narrative’s latest venture underscores its dedication to refining data collaboration. While Rosetta paved the way, her dedicated team promises to revolutionize the depth, scope, and speed of data interaction. With the complexities of today’s data world, having a robust, untiring team ready to handle diverse challenges is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity.

Dive into this transformative journey with us, and witness the pioneering strides we’re making in the data collaboration realm.

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