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RoadSync Introduces Logistics Platform With Real-Time Payments Option – PYMNTS
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New digital payments solution will make billing and payments faster, easier, and more secure for logistics and supply chain companies.

RoadSync, the leader in digital financial solutions for the supply chain, is pleased to introduce RoadSync Pay, designed to modernize, streamline, and expedite payments for brokers and carriers. With RoadSync Pay, brokers can effortlessly schedule and automate payments to their carriers and factoring companies.

RoadSync Pay empowers brokers to make swift payments to carriers and factoring companies at their convenience, using preferred methods like Instant Real-Time Payments (RTP). This allows payments to be made between bank accounts that are initiated, cleared and settled within seconds, at any time of the day or week, holidays and weekends included. Other features and benefits include Same Day, Next Day ACH, Checks (with a click of a button), and Fleet Check. This improved efficiency not only enhances carrier satisfaction but also facilitates the attraction and retention of top carriers while lightening the load on back-office tasks.

This platform provides the logistics industry access to some of the most modern payment rails and capabilities. Although historically underserved by payments technology, logistics companies can now enjoy the same level of payment convenience and speed as businesses in other sectors.

Additionally, RoadSync Pay offers brokers’ carriers & factoring companies access to a complimentary carrier portal and automated remittance emails, providing real-time and historical insights into payment statuses, and reducing the back office burden of communicating critical information to their carriers.

Overall, RoadSync’s new platform, RoadSync Pay, redefines the logistics payment experience, aligning it with the rapid, convenient, and secure payment expectations of modern consumers.

“By providing access to cutting-edge payment capabilities, we are fueling brokers and carriers with the speed, convenience, and security they deserve. Trucking hasn’t always been the focus of technology innovation and our goal is to help it thrive in the digital age, ensuring that payments are as modern as the goods they transport. We are proud to lead this charge, modernizing logistics payments and shaping the future of logistics fintech,” says Robin Gregg, RoadSync CEO.

For the past six years, RoadSync has been at the forefront of digital payment innovation in the logistics and supply chain sectors. Discover more about RoadSync Pay and RoadSync’s expanding product range at

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RoadSync is a cutting-edge, digital payment platform designed to help automate the financial solutions fueling the $800B logistics industry. By enabling more secure & efficient payment acceptance, RoadSync streamlines the payment experience for warehouses, freight handlers and repair/tow merchants alike. For more about RoadSync, visit

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