Anything World, the leading generative AI platform for creators, game development and the metaverse to build 3D animation has launched its web gallery to showcase AI-built models.

Seeing is truly believing when it comes to seeing how their technology completely democratizes the ability for anyone to create 3D animation. So I urge you to watch the YouTube demo above.

The web-based platform features voice-driven creation of virtual worlds, filled with 3D assets, and an automatic animation system, which enables rigging and animations for any 3D model at any time. Models can be utilized in every position, angle and movement in FBX, GLTF, GLB, Collada, and OBJ formats across 3D software across games, films, simulators and other content-rich experiences. Anything World provides direct plugins with Unity.

Anything World’s tech is empowering the next generation of creators. We have developed proprietary Machine Learning algorithms which can understand any 3D model and rig and add animations to it. We have access to over 600,000 3D assets and our systems are fully automated and scalable.