Chamath Palihapitiya, who started his career as a disruptive force in Silicon Valley with Facebook has big ambitions for Social Capital venture capital firm and its driving global digital transformation forward. As well as upending Wall Street as the king of SPACs.

What started as a venture-capital firm in 2011 could be a Berkshire Hathaway for the 21st century and social media generation.

In this Bloomberg Front Row interview, Wall Street’s king of special-purpose acquisitions companies, or SPACs, explains why he hopes to create as much wealth as Warren Buffett, why he’s betting on Bitcoin and Tesla, and how he’s trying to solve for inequality and climate change. Palihapitiya spoke exclusively with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg’s “Front Row.”

Covering topics from:

  • Day Traders, hedge funds, and the GameStop Reddit moment.
  • How he made his first $10 Billion.
  • The next frontiers for Social Capital.
  • Chamath’s political ambitions.